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Digital waste separation on Windows

  • The picture shows the modern version of the digital recycle bin on the Windows desktop.
  • Latest joke: Waste separation - Oh yeah, it is common to divide garbage into different groups instead of throwing everything into the same bin. Now pay attention! Trash sorting is becoming increasingly popular in the PC world, too. Some clever users modified the Windows Recycle Bin to an up-to-date 'green' version. So help protect the digital environment and create different shortcuts on your desktop! The screenshot below shows how it might be correct.

Digital waste separation on Windows.

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Funny picture for your toilet

Funny Toilet Signs

  • Are you also tired of the boring toilet signs that hang around everywhere? You know what you are doing when you go to the bathroom, don't you?
  • Left toilet sign: A cheeky man is looking over the wall of the women cabin.
  • Right toilet sign: This cartoon shows why women always go to the toilet in pairs or groups - just to be happier...

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The evolution of authority

The evolution of authority

  • Warning: This is an anti-men picture. If you are a man just jump to the next Funpic and ignore the left image.
  • The evolution has a long history with many changes and adjustments, so what do you think is the next level?
  • So ladies, today who is in authority? Who is in the driver's seat?
  • The picture below shows the footprints of authority in a symbolic form.

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Funpic: Superheroes and their weapons

  • All of our superheroes have special abilities and all of them come with typical and individual weapons to fight the enemies.
  • But this picture shows the real power of our superheroes in a funny way.
  • Of course you know, there is only ONE very special real superhero: "Chuck Norris".
  • Latest Chuck Norris joke: Chuck Norris died yesterday... but he's feeling better today.
  • Want to read more? Go to the Chuck Norris facts page.

Superheroes and their weapons

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Funny screenshots of the Google Image Search - See the differences of our continents

  • Google Image Search is a really great tool. Have you ever tried to compare the result pages of specific keywords?
  • The following picture shows an interesting comparison of our five continents: "Europe, America, Australia, Africa and Asia", by searching for relevant people.
  • What are you thinking about the result? Any regional distinctions?

Funny screenshots of the Google Image Search

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Funny Photo: iBlockhead - Wooden figure meets the iPhone

  • World of contrasts: A carved wooden figure meets modern technology.
  • Are you a technology junkie? Are you always up-to-date?
  • Do you know the new iPhone? Do you have your own smartphone?
  • You also think the older generation is slow to make use of the latest online and mobile tools?
  • Then this wooden man might be a good illustration of the Generation Gap.

Funpic: Redundant system error message

  • Windows Explorer error message with two Cancel buttons:
    "System Error - Not enough memory to run this command."
  • On which button would you click? It doesn't really matter.
  • Some programmers bring out the humor side of error messages.


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