Brain teasers, mathematical riddles and tricky puzzles

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You love puzzles? This section is just the right thing. You find difficult puzzle games, mathematical riddles and multiple choice quizzes on various topics.

Brain teasers

Brain teasersHere you find a lot of nice puzzles in different categories. The difficulty level for each puzzle is given as follows:

  • easy ...... simple tasks, nice puzzles for everyone
  • average ..... challenging, puzzles to think about and have fun
  • hard ..... difficult puzzles, tricky, real brain teasers



Math riddles

Math riddlesHere you find a nice collection of easy and difficult math puzzles and logic puzzles. For example there are number puzzles with arithmetic operations or you have to find the missing number based on a list of equations. There are also geometrical puzzles where you have to subdivide or play around with surfaces.




RebusesIn this section you find a great collection of photo puzzles and riddles with pictures and graphics, also rebuses and word plays. Each image contains its own puzzle and can be solved independently of the others.



You know other nice puzzles or riddles? Please write an email or comment.

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