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On this page you find a nice collection of pictures with optical illusions and visual effects. Have fun with the impressive pictures!

Geometric illusions and strange angles

Optical illusions
  • Geometric phenomena and strange pictures.
  • Parallel or oblique objects?
  • Relativity: Straight or curved lines?
  • Where is a line ending and where does it go?
  • Do not trust your eyes. Do not be fooled.
  • Squares in different sizes.
  • Enjoy fascinating pictures with crazy effects.
  • This collection shows many images with visual illusions in which straight lines appear crooked or bent. The environment of the objects influences our perception.
  • Great pictures show spatial illusions.


Color illusions, brightness phenomena and contrast effects

Color illusions
  • Relativity of brightness.
  • Subjective brightness differences.
  • Imaginary patches and contrasts.
  • Impressive lighting effects and contrast effects.
  • Fun with colors and color effects.
  • Discover things that are not drawn on the picture.



Impossible pictures - cognitive illusions

  • Look at strange pictures and find the mistake.
  • Strange structures in 3D space.
  • Find impossible figures with senseless geometry.
  • Penrose. A special type of illusion.


Strange depth, size and 3D illusions

Depth illusions
  • Test the accuracy of your 3D vision.
  • See various objects and decide which one is smaller and which is larger.
  • Do you know the difference between short and long lines?
  • Unusual perspective and what you can do with it.



Motion illusion, static images appear to move

  • Illusory motion: static images appear to move.
  • Images in this section are static, without animation or image change.
  • Stunning images and fascinating effects.
  • The motion illusion is based on the cognitive effects of interacting color contrasts and shape position.
  • Illusory motion in the brain.


Nonexistent objects

  • Let your brain create non-existent objects
  • Appearances are deceiving.
  • Make out objects without contours or any details.
  • Simple pictures - amazing optical illusion.
  • The brain interprets the images of the eye and expands known structures into imaginary objects.



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