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Update: Sun 18 Sep 2022 10:35:40 PM CEST

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Please read this FAQ section before sending me an email. Maybe you already find the answer here. If not, please feel free to get in contact with me!


Question: May I put a link or banner on my website directed to www.andinet.de or individual pages from it?

  • Answer: Of course. I'm always very happy when my site is recommended.
    Also, if you are interested in a link partnership, please feel free to send me an email!


Question: Why is there no regular updating interval of Andinet?

  • Answer: Because I just work on the website when I feel like it. So it may happen that for some time nothing changes. But be sure updates will follow again sometime later.


Question: Can I download the entire contents of Andinet in an archive/zip file?

  • Answer: No, that's not possible.


Question: I wrote a funny text, took a great photo or know a good joke that is missing on this website. What should I do?

  • Answer: Of course I am always very grateful for new content for this website. So if you believe you have something that fits this site, let me know!
    But please take care about the copyright if you are not the author.


Question: I have found misspellings or incorrect wording. Shall I inform you?

  • Answer: Yes, that would be very nice. I'm living in Germany and I'm no native English speaker. So I'm happy on all corrections and improvements.


Question: What is the correct web address of this site?


Question: Is it possible to buy the USB programmer or at least order the circuit board and components?

  • Answer: Unfortunately this is not possible. I have developed the USB programmer in a laboratory project during my studies.


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