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This website was created, edited and published by Andreas Schibilla.
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About me:

My name is Andreas Schibilla and I was born in the early 80s in the north of Germany.
I have lived with my family in a small village for the first 16 years. It was a great time, we had lots of fun and some of my old friends are still my best friends today.
Just before high school I moved to a nearby town called Neumünster.

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Summer '09: Hiking, climbing and mountain biking - "If sports does not help, more sports will!"

After eleven months of community service I moved to the beautiful town of Wedel in the year 2001.
I have been a student at the University of Applied Science called FH-Wedel for five years. I degreed in September 2006 and was very happy to get the University Award 2006 specializing in "Technical Computer Science".

Meanwhile, I work as a hardware/software design engineer for TES Electronic Solutions GmbH in Hamburg.
I am doing lot of sports in my spare time and I like photography and exciting things.

Personal Information:

Place of residence Quickborn, Germany
What I like Good weather, hanging around with friends, all sports, long parties with good music, photography, electronics and programming, billiards, ...
What I don't like Bad weather and stupid TV shows or talk shows!
My favorite movies Star Wars, Back to the Future and many others
My favorite tv series Futurama and Scrubs
My favorite books Illuminati (Dan Brown), Das Lächeln der Fortuna (Rebecca Gablé), Schule des Schreckens (John Saul)
My favorite food Tender steak with fresh salad


Big thanks to all the people who have supported me with suggestions, tips, advices or criticism, especially for those who have send me jokes, riddles, stories, pictures, etc.
Big thanks to all who recommend this page or have a link placed to this site!


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Andi (Fri 31 Aug 2012 - 12:40:34 PM CEST)
Dear visitor,
Please feel free to write any comments or suggestions.
Thank you! Have fun!


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