Brain teasers, mathematical tasks and tricky puzzles

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On this page you will find a lot of nice puzzles in different categories. The difficulty level for each puzzle is given in the right column as follows:

  • easy ...... simple tasks, nice puzzles for everyone
  • average ..... challenging, puzzles to think about and have fun
  • hard ..... difficult puzzles, tricky, real brain teasers

You can find the solution of all puzzles by clicking on the link under each task. Using this link, a new page will open, showing the problem and its solution. Be honest! First try to get it by yourself! On some puzzles you have to think outside the box, but there is a "reasonable" solution for all tasks, be sure!

Mathematical gimmicks and geometric puzzles:


If you know a good mystery, tricky puzzle, riddle or mathematical task which still is not in the list, just send me an Email.

Feel free to write any comments about the puzzles and brain teasers...


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