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On some sites on the Web you can find quite macabre "All the kids..." - jokes. Most of them are pretty rough, but somehow still funny. Here is a also a nice collection sorted by name.

All the kids jokes of names starting with A

  • All the kids were funny, except for Amalia, she was from Somalia.

  • All the kids were drinking sodas, except for Angeline, she was drinking gasoline.


Funny kids jokes starting with B

  • All the kids were bright except for Bart, he wasn’t at all smart.

  • All the kids were smelling good, except for Britt, she was smelling like shit.

  • All the kids crossed the field by foot, except for Bryan, he was riding on a lion.

  • All the kids wanted to see a movie today, except for Bryce, he did not have any eyes!


And names starting with C

  • All the kids came out of the jungle, except for Camilla, she was catched by a gorilla.

  • All the kids looked nice, except for Carol, she looked like a barrel.

  • All the kids got new clothes, except for Chad, he got the ones of his dad.

  • All the Children grew up except Chuck, he was hit by a truck.


Jokes for names with D

  • All the kids were neatly dressed except for Drew, she had only one shoe.


  • All the kids took a shit in the toilet, except for Frantz, he did it in his pants.

  • All the kids were crying in church, except for Fred, he was the one who was dead.

  • All the kids were waiving, except for Inger, she was pointing her finger.

  • All the children were swimming, except Joe, his lungs were full of H2O.

  • All the kids were sitting in the boat, except for Mark, he got eaten by a shark.

  • All the kids had respect for the teacher, except for Max, he cut her with an axe.

  • All the children fish for sharks, except Nate, he's the bait.

  • All the kids ran pretty far, except for little Nell, she just fell.

  • All the children crossed the road, except Neil, he was hit by an Oldsmobile.

  • All the kids were able to cross the tracks safely, except for Peter, he missed by a meter.

  • All the kids were able to cross the field safely, except for Piper, she was hit by a sniper.

  • All the kids got Christmas presents, except for Rhyce, he had not been nice.

  • All the kids were eating horse meat, except for Toni, this was her pony.


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