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A new interesting method in the world of digital photography is creating panoramic photos. Panoramic images have a wide viewing angle which can be up to 360°. That is why it is sometimes known as wide format photography. The technique captures images with elongated fields of view. On this page you can find some examples of such panoramic photographs, all were composed of several frames. For commercial use or publication of the images please contact me.

Example shows how to compose a panoramic picture from six photos


Lovely panorama pictures of places in Germany



Impressive panoramic photos



Beautiful panoramic photos of Australia



Do you like the generated panorama images and photos? Do you have any comments or suggestions about a specific picture or the whole collection? Or do you have other interesting ideas for cool panorama photos? Please write a comment.

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Clara (2012-12-16)
Wow very nice pictures!
NANO.S (2013-03-27)


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