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Welcome to Andinet
Fun, jokes and more
This website was created at the starting time of the word wide web, just for technical interests and personal gimmick. From year to year the page is grown from a simple fun page to a larger site and a big collection. However the idea behind it is still the diversion from the dullness of everyday life and usual routines. You find a nice collection of fun and many things to smile as well as tricky puzzles, free jokes and wonderful photographs. Of course there are many other threads on this website like articles about electronics or programming - a great source for your entertainment. Have fun!

Fun stuff and jokes

The "Fun stuff" topic holds a large collection of humorous stories, weird tales, funny jokes and amusing poems. But that's not all. In addition, there are famous quotes, country sayings, witty definitions, various tongue twisters and crazy stories. Hard-minded visitors also find a black humor section.


Puzzles and brainteasers

You are the one who likes thinking about any kind of problems and you love puzzles? This section is just the right thing. You find hard puzzle games, mathematical problems, logical difficulties and multiple choice quizzes on various topics.

Photos and pictures

In the image section you will find computer-generated 2D and 3D images and a number of beautiful photos that you can use as desktop wallpaper. Over time I collected beautiful landscape and other images and put them together in several galleries. 



This section is a technophile's dream. You find a number of projects, ideas and examples about various fields of electronic, analog / digital electronics, computer science, as well as hardware and software programming and development. 

Wonderful photos
Optical Illusions


In the download section there are various interesting files. You can find free games, programs and freeware available for download on your computer! 



In this section you will find valuable tips and tricks, fancy things, tongue twisters, interesting example of mathematics and other funny pages.


Of course every good website has links to other nice sites on the World Wide Web. That's what you'll find here.